Paper on Return to Paradise film.

Response paper on Return to Paradise the movie. Write a 2-page response on how you would go about deciding the “right thing to do” regarding Sheriff’s decision to either go back and serve 3 years of prison time in a foreign country in exchange for saving his friend’s life OR to bail and remain in […]

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Writing Assignment on Antigone

Writing Assignment on Antigone: Ismene and Antigone: Ismene does not feel that it is her personal responsibility to bury her brother while Antigone does. Is it sane or the right thing on the part of Antigone to sacrifice her life to personal responsibility? Is this the question you were looking for? If so, place your […]

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Paper 2: Sourced Short Story

The goal of this paper is to begin to learn to deal with ideas that come from people outside you. You’ve been doing this informally in class throughout the class, through general discussion and the Fishbowl assignments. You’ve also done it informally through learning to read and understand our classroom texts, and figure out what […]

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