"Who will end up with the most money at retirement?"

“Who will end up with the most money at retirement?” David understands the value of time and the importance of saving. He gets a job at age 16. Each year, he saves $2,000 – not an unrealistic amount of money for an enterprising 16 year old to earn, while still having plenty of money for […]

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Evaluation of city’s financial plan

Students will be provided with a financial plan for local government This plan outline the challenges that the government is facing over the next few years. The city selected for the project is: San Bernardino, CA http://www.ci.san-bernardino.ca.us/cityhall/finance/budget_documents.asp The city is experiencing unique challenges that will provide for a variety of problems and solutions to be […]

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ASSIGNMENT PROJECT on Mathematics and Econometric Regression Analysis

QBA ASSIGNMENT PROJECT Semester 2, 2014. Dr Otto Konstandatos   This assignment has several parts of unequal value. Some parts are technical, and are designed to help you understand the connection between Mathematics and Econometric Regression Analysis.   You must type or neatly hand-write such answers in the spaces provided. Other parts are applied, and […]

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